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The Home Cinema Guide
Making Home Theater Technology Simple

Home cinema (also known as home theater) has never been more affordable. Today, for a relatively small amount of money, we can get a system at home that looks and sounds absolutely stunning.

But it's all so complicated right? All the techno-babble makes your head spin?

Well, it doesn't have to be that way!

Here you can find everything that you need from simple buying advice to clear home theater setup information.

Home Cinema Room Setup

Don't know your 5.1 from your subwoofer?

This buyer guide is here to make the technology easy to understand. There are so many people out there who like to make it complicated - to make it seem like rocket science.

We hear one thing from one person and the opposite from someone else.

If you are looking for information on speaker location and layout, or investigating  Blu-ray players, you can spend weeks on the internet doing research into the right equipment - or going into shops and coming out more confused than when you went in.

Do you know, all this technology is supposed to be fun!

Don't know your TV resolution from your aspect ratio?

If you've got a simple question then you can get a simple answer........

  • What is high-definition TV exactly? (Answer: it's FANTASTIC!)
  • Why do I need surround sound? (Answer: you don't - but you'll never go back once you've heard it!)

........well, ok, I'll try and give slightly better answers than that! Give me a chance - I'm only just getting started.

It's hard to find the information we need - and harder still to find it in plain English. So if you have some questions in need of simple answers, then you've come to the right place.

What I will do is explain the jargon in simple terms and tell you why it is important. You will then have all you need to make a buying decision. Without this information you could end up making an expensive mistake..............and we don't want that do we?

Once you've decided what you need, you can also find advice here on how to set up your system.

Surround Sound Receiver Connections

What is home cinema?

So, what is home cinema exactly? Well, it can be whatever we want it to be and it's difficult to put one definition on it.

It is really just a general term for having a home entertainment system that can give us a similar viewing experience to going to a real cinema.

In its simplest terms, we would normally have a large screen display of some description (often a plasma/LCD TV or a projector) and a sound system which is better than the speakers on your average TV.

For some people, the home theater experience requires a dedicated room with custom-made furniture, motorized screens and speakers that create the impression of a small earthquake in your house! But, as with most things in life, size isn't everything - and we don't discriminate here.

So, no matter if you're just trying to find out what an HDMI cable is (and if you need one), or if you want to build a setup that requires you to hire staff before you can show a movie - this guide has something for everybody.

Where do I start?

The different categories of home cinema equipment have been sub-divided to make information easier to find. The menus at the top of each page take you to the area of home cinema that interests you:

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