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Any reason to keep old DVD player now I have Blu-ray?

by Don Bunnell
(Apple Valley, California)

I have a Yamaha DV-C6760 DVD player which works perfectly. I just purchased a new Panny 60" 3D TV which is offered with a Blu-ray player for free. The TV is going to arrive and be installed later today. Is there any reason that I should keep the old DVD hooked up along side the new Blu ray, or will the old player never again be used in that location once I've used Blu ray..?

My DVD is/was a high end unit, where as I assume the "FREE" blu ray will be of lesser quality, I could be wrong..??? If the old unit serves no purpose, why take up the space, and perhaps I can hook it up in my office....

Any thoughts will be appreciated...


Generally speaking, there is no need to keep the DVD player as your new Blu-ray player will be able to play Blu-ray, DVD and CD discs. Therefore you could certainly move the DVD player to another room and use it there.

However, a reason you may want to keep the old DVD player in place is if it does something that the new Blu-ray player can't - or at least does something better.

One of the most likely things is maybe your old DVD player can upscale standard definition DVDs better than the Blu-ray. This means a DVD played on your old player will look sharper and clearer on you new TV screen than it would if played on the Blu-ray player.

This process of upscaling the image to fit the higher resolution of your TV screen is usually done by the unit that plays the disc. The quality of the process comes down to the electronics in each device.

The best way to find out is to play the same DVD on each player in turn, and use your eyes to decide if one looks better than the other. If the image from the DVD player is much better than from the Blu-ray player, then you may want to keep the DVD player for DVDs.

However, don't just assume that the cheaper Blu-ray player will look worse. Technology moves on quickly and a cheaper player may have the same quality as a more expensive player from a few years ago.

Another example. I have kept my old DVD player installed in my system because it plays SACD audio discs. Therefore, if I want to play an SACD, I use the DVD player. For everything else, I use the Blu-ray player.

Another alternative is to sell the lot, and buy an expensive high-end Blu-ray player that plays all formats and does everything well.

All the best.

Paul (Site Editor)

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