Can I put the centre speaker above my tv?

by Sid
(Glasgow, Scotland)

I'm installing a 5.1 surround sound system in my room. Can I put the centre speaker above the tv - or does it have to be below? Most places I've seen the centre speaker underneath the tv.


Good question.

The simple answer is you can put the centre speaker anywhere you like. You do want it in the middle of the screen if possible - but above or below isn't as important. So if the only place it will go is above the TV, then put it there.

Not many rooms allow you to position the speaker in the perfect place.

Most centre speakers are below the screen as ideally you want the centre speaker level with you ears. But if you put it above the screen you can always try and angle it down towards you.

If you can, try to make sure the speaker isn't behind the front edge of the TV as this will affect the sound you hear.

Hope that helps.

Paul (Site Editor)

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