LG BD350 Blu-ray and HDMI Problems

by Mara

Hi... pleasee help. A few days ago I unplugged my Blu-Ray BD350 from the HDMI and tried to connect it on a different TV by HDMI and it didn't work. After that I plugged back to the Philips Plasma TV that used to work great, and it just shows the entrance screen and loads all the spots - and after that I just can hear the sound of the movie menu but nothing on screen. What could happen?? I already update the firmware and nothing happens. Any recommendation??


I'm not sure to be honest. A couple of things I would try:

1. Use a different HDMI cable to make sure that you haven't damaged the cable when moving the player between different TVs.
2. Go into the setup menu and see if there is an option to do a factory reset. This will set all the options to their default values - in case you have changed something which has affected the output.
3. Try connecting by another method - for example component video and optical/analog audio. Just to see if that works ok.

Probably not much help....

Paul (Site Editor)

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