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Linksys E3000 wireless-N router review
- test results

Test results

Here we provide the table of results for the throughput tests for the Linksys E3000.

For comparison purposes, there are tests for wireless-G devices too.

All these tests were done with jperf using the TCP transport layer, and all default settings for this software. I also tested using UDP, which in theory should show a slightly faster result and a better indication of performance with streaming video, because the data isn't subject to error correction. I found an expected improvement in the data rate of around 10 Mbps. However, the TCP figures give a good all-round guideline to general network use so I have kept the TCP figures for the tables.

As well as using jperf to test the throughput, I tried playing a standard-definition TV show from BBC iPlayer, as well as a 1080p mkv file stored on my network.

In the past, it has been possible to improve network throughput by increasing the TCP window size in the operating system - and by changing this setting in jperf I saw a large increase in speed of around 100%. However, I decided not to include this in the results because:

  1. Most users will not be comfortable in this type of configuration and so most will plug and play
  2. In Windows Vista and 7 there is now an automatic setting for the TCP window size, and so it cannot be changed in the same way as in previous operating systems

Use these figures as a general guideline to the types of throughput speeds you may get yourself. Just remember that with wireless connections there are numerous variables which can see these numbers vary from user to user.

Notice how the speeds at 2.4 GHz can be improved by changing the default 'auto' channel setting to a specific channel. Experiment in your home and find the channel with the best throughput. You can increase the speeds quite a bit by finding a channel in your local area that has less interference. However, you will also notice that changing the channel had little effect at 5 GHz.

Linksys E300 Test Results Table 1
Linksys E300 Test Results Table 2
Linksys E300 Test Results Table 3
Linksys E300 Test Results Table 4

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