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New Amplifier or AV Receiver?

by Devin
(Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

I have a Samsung 5.1 home theater system dvd (htib). Recently the receiver started giving an error such as "protected". This is the second time this problem occurred.

I intended to change my receiver without replacing my speakers, since the system is still new.

I am also using my laptop as a source to view movies through hdmi cable to my plasma tv. I am able to receive 6-channel DTS through my laptop via rca cable.

Which system will work fine for me. Amplifier or AV receiver?

I also found in most of the systems, there is no connector or different type of connector for sub-woofer. So how would i connect my sub-woofer?


Here's my take on your situation:

1. The "protected" error is often due to the power supply overloading or the unit overheating. Overloading shouldn't be a problem if you are using the original speakers that came with the Samsung HTiB. However, make sure the amplifier isn't getting too hot - especially if it is stored in an enclosed cabinet. Try placing it with more airflow around it and you may not have to replace the amplifier at all.

2. If you must replace the amplifier, then any 5.1 AV receiver will work fine. You can plug your laptop into the receiver via HDMI and use this for the picture and the sound. All 5.1 AV receivers will have a connection for a subwoofer - usually via a single RCA coaxial cable. You can go here for a background to using AV receivers.

If you have been looking at stereo receivers, then these rarely have sub connections - but can't be used for surround sound anyway.

3. It can sometimes be tricky using HTiB speakers with a different AV receiver. You need to consider matching the amplifier and speakers.

Also, many HTiB speakers have proprietary connectors for connecting to the amplifier, and these connectors may need removing in order to connect to a standard AV receiver. Ask for advice before doing this if you are unsure of what you are doing. If the Samsung HTiB speakers use standard speaker cable, then this won't be a problem.

All the best.

Paul (Site Editor)

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