PS3 sound problem with Onkyo HT-R380 receiver

I am having problems with my surround sound. I am using my PS3 to watch bluray and dvds, the sound is fine on dvds and when watching Sky but Blurays seem to have a wild sound system and background noises and music overpower the speech.

Can anyone help please?

Am I better off plugging the PS3 into the bluray HDMI connection as it is currently plugged into the GAME slot?


Yes, depending on the type of Blu-ray audio soundtrack you are playing, then HDMI is usually the best way to connect your PS3. Some audio soundtracks will only play over HDMI. Unless there is a good reason to connect in another way, HDMI is always the best connection type to use as it will support all the modern audio and video codecs.

If you have a surround sound receiver/amplifier that supports HDMI connections and also outputs HDMI to your TV then connect it something like this (where your PS3 is one of the input devices):

Connecting AV receiver and HDTV

All the best.

Paul (Site Editor)

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