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LED TV Guide

LED TV Guide: An Introduction To LED Televisions

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Understanding The LED HDTV: Two Different Types Of Screen

LED Television Technology: Why Should I Buy An LED TV?

Plasma TV Guide

Plasma TV Guide: Is This The Best Flat Screen TV?

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Plasma TV Benefits: What Makes Plasma TVs The Best?

Plasma TV Problems: What Are The Issues With Plasma TVs?

Plasma vs LCD TV: Find The Best HDTV For You

LCD TV Guide

LCD TV Buyers Guide

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LCD TV Buying Guide: 5 Reasons To Buy An LCD Television

LCD TV Problems: The Downside Of The Cheapest LCD TVs

General TV Guides

HDTV Buyer Guide: Introduction To Display Types

3D TV: A Guide To 3D Movies And Television

Understanding TV Viewing Distance And Flat Screen HDTV Sizes

TV Aspect Ratio: Understanding Widescreen And 4:3

1080i vs 1080p: Which Is Best For Your 720p HDTV?

Understanding TV Resolution: Do You Need A 1080p Or 4K HDTV?

Cable vs Satellite TV - Or Free To Air?


AV Receivers

Best AV Receivers 2017: Top 10 Reviews & Buying Guide

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The Best AV Receiver Under $500 in 2017

Which Are The Best AV Receivers Under $1000 in 2017?

How to Set Up Surround Sound: Easy Home Theater Install Tips

AV Receiver & Amplifier Power Ratings Explained

Matching Your Amplifier & Speakers: A Simple Guide

Dolby And DTS Audio Formats: AV Receiver Listening Modes Explained

Surround Sound Formats: Dolby Digital vs DTS vs THX

Marantz Receivers: AV Receiver Product Range

Sony Receivers: AV Receiver Product Range

Denon Receivers: AV Receiver Product Range

Onkyo Receivers: AV Receiver Product Range

Stereo Receivers

Stereo Receivers And Amplifiers In Your Home Theater System

All-In-One Systems

Best Home Theater System: Choosing An HTiB Surround Sound System


Introduction To Stereo And Surround Sound Speakers

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The Role Of The Speakers In Home Theater Surround Sound Systems

Setting Up Surround Sound: Speaker Location And Layout

Choosing The Best Home Theater Speakers For Your Room: Speaker Sizes And Types

Speaker Impedance Matching: Ohms, Speakers And Impedance Explained

Understanding Speaker Sensitivity And Efficiency

Understanding Speaker Power Rating Specifications

Home Theater Speaker Package Or Separates: Which Is Best For You?

Home Theater Speaker Placement: Guidelines For Your Surround Sound Setup

Surround Sound Speaker Placement: Center And Front Speakers

Surround Speaker Placement: Surrounds, Rears And The Subwoofer


Blu-ray Players

Introduction To Blu-ray Players: High-Definition Heaven

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Blu-ray And DVD Aspect Ratio

Blu-ray Regions: Understanding Region Codes For Discs And Players

BD-Live: Blu-ray Profiles 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 And 5.0 Explained

Dolby AC-3, LPCM And DTS:X: Blu-ray Audio Codecs Explained

Best Blu-ray Movies: Top 10 Movie Titles For Your Collection


Cables and Connections

Home Theater Wiring Guide

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Home Theater Connections Guide

Home Theater Wiring Installation Advice

HDMI Connector Guide: The Port And Cable Explained

SCART Connections And Cables Explained

Understanding The DVI Connector And Video Cable

Component Video Cable And Connection Explained

S-Video Connectors And Cables Explained

Composite Video Signal: The Cable And Connection Explained

VGA Connector Guide: The Port And Cable Explained

Optical Digital Audio: Cable And Connection Explained

Coaxial Digital Audio: The Cable And Connection Explained

Stereo Analog Audio: RCA Plug And Cables Explained

RCA Surround Sound Connections: Analog 5.1 Audio Explained

3.5mm Mini Stereo Jack Cable


Wall Mounts

Best Flat Screen TV Wall Mount Reviews: Buying Guide 2017

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Flat Panel TV Wall Mount: Guide To The Fixed Wall Bracket

A Guide To Tilting Flat Panel TV Wall Mounts

Articulating Flat Screen TV Wall Mounts And Brackets

Fully Articulating TV Mounting Brackets

TV Stands & Cabinets

Flat Screen TV Stands And Cabinets: For LED And Plasma Television Screens

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Glass Flat Panel TV Stands: Television Stand Guide

Corner TV Cabinet: Television Stand Guide

Wood TV Stands: Television Stand Guide

Flat Screen TV Stand With Mount: Television Stand Guide

Flat Screen TV Cabinets: Television Stand Guide

Seating & Chairs

Home Theater Seating And Furniture: Guide To Seats And Chairs


Why Is My Wireless-N Router So Slow?


Linksys E3000 Wireless-N Router Review

Teufel System 5 Home Cinema Speaker Package Review


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HDTV Forum: Plasma, LCD And LED TV Discussion

Stereo Amplifier And AV Receiver Forum

HTiB Forum: All-In-One Home Theater System Discussion

Speakers Forum: Surround Sound And Stereo Speakers

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