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Teufel System 5 Speaker Package
Review - System Specification

The Teufel System 5 is a standard 5.1 surround sound system. Therefore it comes with three speakers for the front, centre and right channels, two surround speakers and a subwoofer.

Let's take a look in more detail at each of the speakers.

Satellite Speaker S 500 FCR THX Select 2

The front left, right and centre speakers are the same in this system. The S 500 FCR THX Select 2 speakers are slightly unusual for satellite speakers in that they are wider than they are tall and are bigger than your average satellite speaker - but smaller than most bookshelves.

Teufel Satellite Speaker S 500 FCR THX Select 2Teufel Satellite Speaker S 500 FCR THX Select 2

In fact, the speakers find a nice balance between not being so big so that they take up too much room - but big enough to give a fairly full sound. The dimensions are 14.2cm (H) x 23.7cm (W) x 15.0cm (D).

Each speaker has two 130mm woofers with a unique flat-diaphragm design - constructed to radiate sound from across the whole surface area - and a single 25mm tweeter.

To be honest, they aren't the best looking speakers you will come across, but to me it is the sound that is important and so that isn't necessarily a show-stopper - and if you leave the speaker grills on then it doesn't matter much.

When you buy a System 5, you actually have the choice of two more of these speakers for use as the surround speakers. You would probably want this if you were going to listen to a lot of surround music - as they will reproduce music better than the alternative dipole speakers (see below).

Dipole Speaker S 50 D

The surround speakers come in the form of these dipole speakers (unless you opt for two more S 500 FCR speakers as mentioned above).

Dipole speakers are generally good for movie surrounds as they are able to spread the rear channels better than direct-firing speakers. This diffuse sound is usually better for creating a good surround effect and will balance well with the direct sound coming from your front speakers.

Teufel Dipole Speaker S 50 DTeufel Dipole Speaker S 50 D

Dipoles have speaker drivers at opposite sides of the enclosure, and deliver an out-of-phase sound which helps to spread the audio - however it is important to install these in the correct position for this to work as it should.

These Teufel dipole speakers have one woofer and one tweeter on opposite sides of the speaker box, so a total of two woofers and two fabric tweeters. The woofer is 100mm and the tweeter 25mm.

With the speakers grills off, these speakers look a little nicer than the S 500 FCR satellite speakers.

The dimensions of this speaker are 23.7cm (H) x 14.2cm (W) x 15cm (D).

Subwoofer S 5000 SW THX Select 2

The final piece in the jigsaw is the subwoofer - and it's a pretty large piece!

The S 5000 SW subwoofer comes with an impressive 300mm down-firing speaker - in a 55 litre box. It's big.

With dimensions of 54.6cm (H) x 37cm (W) x 47.5cm (D) and weighing in at 23.5 kg, it's not an easy thing to hide away in the corner of the room (believe me, I tried).

Teufel Subwoofer S 5000 SW THX Select 2Teufel Subwoofer S 5000 SW THX Select 2

This subwoofer has a power output capacity of 200 W and is designed to integrate with the satellite speakers at a crossover frequency of 80Hz. On the back of the enclosure you will find a volume control, a phase switch (0 or 180°) and an auto/on switch to control how the unit powers on/off.

There are no high level inputs for connecting the subwoofer directly to a set of speakers - and so the only option is to use the low level RCA input with the LFE output from an AV receiver (which is usually the best option anyway).

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