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Teufel System 5 Speaker
Package Review - Introduction

Teufel System 5 Home Cinema Speaker System

When I was given the opportunity to review the Teufel System 5 home cinema speaker system, I was particularly interested because I had never actually heard any Teufel speakers before.

I had heard the name of Teufel in passing but had never heard any of their products - and even reviews were relatively hard to find (in English anyway).

When I looked into it a bit more, I found that they were a German speaker manufacturer with over 30 years experience of producing speakers - and they appeared to have a good reputation in the German market. However they didn't seem to have ventured much outside of Germany - which is why I hadn't come across them I guess.

The unique selling point of Teufel is that their speakers aren't available to buy from general audio-visual shops and internet retailers. What Teufel do is they sell their systems direct from their factory. By cutting out the middle-man, they aim to provide high-quality speakers at a low cost to the customer.

You will find that Teufel not only provide a wide range of speakers, from hi-fi stereo speakers to complete surround systems - but they also have various wireless audio products, media players and headphones.

Teufel System 5 details

However, back to the reason for this review, the Teufel System 5 home cinema system. This package is a 5.1 surround sound system that has components which are THX Select 2 certified. This certification means that these speakers have met certain standards defined by THX, and should therefore suggest a system that is of a relatively high standard.

The whole package isn't Select 2 certified, as this requires some extra features such as two subwoofers. However, if you wish, you can buy the slightly more expensive Teufel System 5 THX Select 2 - which is essentially the same components as the standard System 5, but with two subwoofers and slightly higher specification dipole surrounds.

Teufel System 5 THX Select 2Teufel System 5 THX Select 2

There is a recommended room size of 15 to 35 square metres for these speakers, which is a useful guideline to those wondering if the relatively small satellites will produce enough power for their room. As you can see however, this system will fill a decent-sized room better than many satellite/subwoofer speaker combinations.

Teufel say there were two main aims of the System 5 - to make a multiple-speaker system that didn't take up too much room, but which would also satisfy the demands of movie and hi-fi enthusiasts.

There are many speaker systems which can do an adequate job of making a movie soundtrack sound impressive - but it's another matter entirely to be able to reproduce music to a high standard too.

So how does the Teufel System 5 fare?

Firstly, let's take a look at the specifications of this system and find out exactly what comes with the package.

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