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Blade Runner - My Favorite Blu-ray Movie

When we first got our PS3 the first thing we did after hooking it up was rent a Blu-Ray movie. I sent my wife to the movie rental store to pick out the movie, since I just blew so much cash on a game system. It seemed only fair that she got to pick out the movie. Well, let me just say she hit a home run!

My wife knows I love 80's science fiction movies. So she picked out a movie I had never seen, but have always wanted to...Bladerunner. Oh my gosh what a great movie. Seeing Harrison Ford hold it down as a bounty hunter that hunts down run away replicants (androids). I know it sounds kind of cheesy. Well it is not! Ridley Scott is the director of this masterpiece. He puts so much into this movie and it shows. From the action scenes to the special effects, to most importantly the awesome character development. This is truly a 80's classic that can not be missed.

As far as the Blu-ray features go, I got to say for being around thirty years old this film still looks fantastic. The HD capability of Blu Ray is really shown off by the upscaling of the picture quality, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. This bad boy is absolutely stuffed with extra features including three versions of this fantastic film...that is some great value.

In closing, if you own a Blu-ray player of any sort, and like good science fiction then you need to pick up this wonderful film.

Also, just a quick FYI, when your done watching this movie do yourself a huge favor and read the book that this movie is based on: Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? It is every bit as awesome as the movie, and well worth your time.

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