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Help connecting Samsung HT-C5500 to Xbox and BT Vision

by Darren
(Newton abbot England )

Been looking at the site and it's the only one (out of many) that makes any sense lol. I have a samsung 32inch LCD tv (the one with the black/red glass frame - sorry about the non technical description) and I have just bought a samsung ht-c 5500.

I'm stuck how to connect it all together with my bt vision box and non-hdmi xbox.

If you could help me that would be great if not no worries and keep up the great site.


Thanks for your words of encouragement!

You can connect your BT Vision via HDMI into one of the HDMI Inputs on the rear of the Samsung HT-C5500. This will send the picture and sound to the Samsung.

You connect the HDMI Out of the Samsung to an HDMI input on the rear of your TV. This sends the picture to your TV (from BT Vision or the built-in Blu-ray player).

If your Xbox is non-HDMI, then it presumably has an optical audio output. Connect this to the optical input of the Samsung for the sound.

For the picture, you will need to connect directly to the TV using whichever video outputs are shared by the Xbox and the TV. Component video would be the next best to HDMI in terms of quality - but your Xbox would need component out and your TV component in.

Hope that makes sense.

Have fun.

Paul (Site Editor)

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How do I connect Samsung TV & BT Vision box
by: Vickie

I have a new Samsung 5000 TV. I have no idea how to connect this to the BT vision box as it doesnt have a scart lead socket (the tv).
I do not even know what an HDMI cable is....can anyone help
Many thanks,

samsung HT C5500
by: xavier

What if your xbox has an hdmi port how do you get the sound from the system and picture from the tv?

by: Paul (Site Editor)


This is the same answer as the BT Vision box in the first reply on the page.

HDMI from Xbox to Samsung for picture and sound. HDMI out to TV for picture.

Hope that helps.


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