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Home Theater Seating and Furniture
- Guide to Seats and Chairs

Home theater seating and furniture is one aspect of your installation that is easily forgotten.

You may have all the gadgets sorted for your very own home cinema but perhaps missing one of the most important things where are you going to sit?

Bearing in mind you are going to spend at least two hours sat in the same place, you are going to have to find something you can bear sitting in for that amount of time. So we have done the hard work for you and devised you a guide to home theater seating and furniture.

Here are a few things to consider when you are looking to buy specialized home theater seats.

Home theater seating in a large room

Room Size

Your first consideration should be the size you have to play around with – how much room do you have to fill?

Once you have considered this, then you can go on to pick the size of seating which will be best for you.

When you consider room size, you should also think about the position in the room you want your seating to be. Some people will want to be sat close to the screen for greater enjoyment  - so the screen really fills their field of vision.

Others might prefer to be further away - so the action doesn't feel too in your face.

Obviously, depending on the size of your room, you may not have much choice in the matter, but if you have some room to play with then think carefully where you will want to position the seating.

Room Design

Again, this is dependent upon the size and space you have to play with – there are many various designs and layouts to bear in mind – it is based upon your own choice and style.

Keep in mind that the best positions for your viewing depends on how many seats you are going to have. The sound is usually best away from walls in the middle of the room as proximity to walls can colour the sound that you hear. However, adjustments can be made to the audio to compensate for the room position and so it shouldn't matter too much if you have little choice in this matter.

Diagram of optimal TV viewing angle Home Theater Seating Position

You will also want to layout your seating depending on where your screen is, and you will need to ensure your seating is an optimum position to gain the best view. Recommended guidelines are a thirty degree field of view in relation to the screen, and in terms of height, your eyes should be roughly in the middle of the screen.

The field of view can be difficult to calculate in the real world, and often a more general rule of 1.5 to 3 times the diagonal screen size, and within an arc of 90°, should be sufficient for a good view. You can go here for our TV viewing distance guide for more details on this.

As you can see, the position of the seating can get very technical.

The seats behind are recommended to be a step higher etc, again in order to gain the best view.

Different Types of Home Theater Chairs

Here comes the tricky part – there are hundreds of types of home theater seats for you to choose from, with various materials on offer and colours to match any scheme.

You can choose from recliners, leathers, suede, velvet, trios, singles, doubles, patterned, plain, posh, modern, wacky, sophisticated, mechanical, manual, corner, with storage – the list, unsurprisingly is never ending – who would have thought that there are so many theater seats?

If you are hunting for soft material – then you can choose from many soft materials, in various styles. If classic is more your style then you may want to have a look at the Berkline collection, or even the Fortress Guild for a truly theater-esque look.

Flash Furniture do a great range of contemporary seating. For example, the Flash Furniture 3-seat black leather home theater recliner pictured here is a set of 3 recliner chairs with plush leather cushions and two storage consoles..

Flash Furniture 3-Seat Black Leather Home Theater ReclinerFlash Furniture 3-Seat Black Leather Home Theater Recliner

Transitional seating comes in the form of three great brands - Robinson, Coja and Palliser. Many modern theater seats come laced in leather – one particular looker is the Bass Avanti or the Latitude - this can be perfect (if you have the room). If you don’t though – never fear, because you can still be catered for from the likes of Berkline (again) who offer a large range of space saving seating.

If you, however, like to go against the norm and opt for something a little more contemporary, then perhaps the Jaymar collection is more up you street. Lastly if you don’t do things by half – and size really doesn’t come into the equation, then over-size it, in the form of the Bass Paris – perfect for those who tend to squeeze into a one seat theater chair.

Popular Home Theater Chair Brands

There are many brands of theater seating for you to enjoy in the comfort of your own home. Here is your guide to just a few...

Ashley Furniture - oozes color, style and comfort – guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. They offer a range of seating from ‘loveseats’ to rocker recliners all of which are very trendy to those who seek modern chic.

Baseline - aimed at those sports fans amongst us. You will be pinky-promised comfort above all else, and of course – durable – you can even chose between MLB, NFL and NCAA designs.

Bass - seating that offers the best craftsmanship and leathers to their customers – you will not be disappointed in the comfort and design.

Bass Milan Home Theater SeatingBass Milan Home Theater Seating

Berkline - offers a large display of leather and fabric home theater chairs in a range of colors – even their range of massage chairs – watching a film whilst being massaged…heaven.

Coja - celebrated as high end urban furniture. Allowing you to buy your own personal recliner, full set and custom made.

Fortress - offers a vast number of theater chairs customized to your needs, aimed at those looking for a personal, individual, one of a kind touch to their home theater.

These are just a handful of brands – there are hundreds based upon what you are looking for.

Buying Guide - What to Look For

The main things to think about are:

  • Layout your room accordingly: you want to ensure that every single seat receives has the best sound and view.
  • Know what you want from your theater seating: - you can buy them based on whatever look you are going for from a more homely style to a look more suited to the theater, as they say the possibilities are indeed endless.
  • Understand your choices: each type of chair again has lists of options, so ensure you get to experience them all before you make your final decision.
  • Know your budget before you begin: of course there countless numbers of extras you can buy, and it can get quite expensive. So set out your budget and aim to stick with it, and look accordingly.

Home Theater Seating and Furniture Summary

Once you have read this guide - hopefully you will be in a place where you can ‘expertly’ shop for your dream home theater seat.

You can always compare the seating, before you make your final decision. It may even be worth drawing out, or researching makes before you set your heart on something, and of course make sure it keeps in line with the rest of your house (unless you are going for something completely wacky).

Taking all of this into consideration, you should now be ready to get shopping for your very own home theater chairs.