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How to get surround sound with my LG Scarlet

by Dave the Rave
(Dudley, West Midlands, UK)

I do not know if i am in the right place for some help...(if not i apologise. Here goes... A couple of years ago i owned a big Toshiba with built in surround sound... its rear speakers were on our window sill and used to love to hear a plane land or milk cart go down our drive...LOL (you know what i mean).

I invested in an LG Scarlet - always wanted an LCD and so did away with my Tosh.

Although i have good sound from the front - i miss the rear effects. Can i run speakers from the rear without having to invest in an expensive amp? If so how?

If not, what the cheapest way of doing it? (ie what's the best budget amp?...i have already got some half decent speakers). If it helps i run a dvd player through my set up and use cable tv.

Would appreciate it if i do not need a separate rig.

Thanks for looking - and thanks in advance for any advice.

Best regards

Dave the Rave

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Surround Sound
by: Richard Tosti


For a reasonable low cost speaker for rear surround sound,I suggest what is called the "Pignose".

It is under $100,and really is meant for guitar players who can use it at outdoor get togethers with or with without using electric plug-ins.

It comes with an AC adaptor and battery option all in one small speaker.

You can find it online to see what it looks like.
It is nice and small and gives a good deep sound.
It also has a volume control.

Hope this will be of help.

Richard Tosti

Surround sound with LG TV
by: Paul - The Home Cinema Guide

Greetings Mr Rave (or can I just call you Dave?)

If you want proper 5.1 surround sound, then you will have to buy an AV receiver. This will take the audio directly from your DVD/cable box, and then power the surround sound speakers in your room.

However, you could always connect the stereo audio outputs of your DVD/cable box to a standard stereo amplifier. Then you could put the stereo speakers wherever you wanted in your room - like behind you!

However, this isn't proper surround sound.

Budget AV receivers are quite reasonable these days - you will get a reasonable sound from the lower end models by Yamaha, Onkyo or Sony. In fact, (seeing as you are in the UK), I noticed that Richer Sounds are selling off the YAMAHA RXV365 for £99 at the moment.

Alternatively, you could pick up a second hand model on Ebay.

Hope that helps.


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