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No DTS 5.1 audio from my Samsung P475 DVD player

by Shajesh
(Tamil Nadu, India)

My Target 5.1 ch home theatre amp is not playing dts 5.1 audio when connected to my Samsung p475 DVD player. Though my DVD player has 5.1 ch DTS out and the disc also contains the 5.1 ch DTS audio it is not playing.

My amp is playing 5.1 TS audio when connected to a laptop. What should I do to make it work from my DVD player?


As the DTS 5.1 is working ok from your laptop, it would suggest an issue with the Samsung P475 DVD player rather than the amp. Might not be, but I would start here.

You may have tried this, but the first things I would do are:

1. Make sure DTS is turned on in the audio setup menu. It appears to be off by default. This is on page 27 of the manual.

2. Try updating the players firmware - page 31 of the manual.

If this doesn't help, you could try changing the cable connecting the DVD and amp - I guess you are using HDMI or optical?

Hope that helps.

Paul (Site Editor)

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DTS 5.1 Ch
by: Shajesh

Thanks Paul,

I have tried changing the audio setup in the player and turned on the DTS in it. But there is no audio output.

I am using 6 rca cables to connect the amp to the dvd player and my amp has no optical, coaxial or HDMI I/O.

I am not sure about one thing, I really doubt my player because I heard the DTS audio once from my amp. When i played a DVD I have just changed the audio option from DD to DTS. I heard DTS 5.1 from only one particular DVD.

Not even a new dvd with dts not working in it.

I have also opened the player and gone through the circuits , I can find a Dolby IC in it.

I have gone through the dvd player manual a thousand times but no use.

The samsung website has not updated any firmware for dvd p475 until now.

It's the analog connection!
by: Paul (Site Editor)

Ah ha! Well that explains it.

If you are using the multichannel analog audio outputs then we have our answer.

Page 27 of the manual says:

Note: There is no analog audio output when you play a DTS sound disc.

Your DVD player will only bitstream DTS 5.1 over a digital connection - it won't work with the analog outputs.

So you will either need a new amplifier with optical or HDMI inputs - or stick with Dolby Digital I guess.

Annoying, but not the end of the world I suppose.


dvd plays but no audio why?
by: Anonymous

i bought many dvd from US,and when i played them here in india, two among them have no audio coming out. my DVD player is samsung,(recently we had made it region free code.) rest of the dvds are pyaying perfectly. how to solve it?

What format?
by: Paul (Site Editor)

What audio formats do these discs have?

It may be that DTS is the main soundtrack format, and if you are connected with the analog audio connections then you won't hear anything - see answer above for the reason.

Try connecting with a digital cable - or selecting the Dolby Digital soundtrack (if there is one).


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