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Pioneer VSX-820 receiver, Sony BDP-S580 Blu-ray player and analog TV

by Mark

I'm doing an upgrade with my system. My old receiver and DVD player were 2000 models. I just bought a new receiver and a new Blu-ray player. I'll be going to an HD television sometime in the next year. Money is an issue.

My TV is an RCA 27F554T and has no HDMI jack, obviously. The receiver is a Pioneer VSX-820 and the Blu-ray is a Sony BDP-S580.

I have everything hooked up correctly, I assume. The one thing I did was connect an HDMI cable from the Blu-ray to the receiver and I couldn't get video. I disconnected that and now I get video. I get sound on the TV but nothing on the receiver.

For the record, when I (mistakenly) hooked the HDMI from the BD to the receiver, I got sound but an error on the TV screen.

What did I do wrong? I'm assuming that it's one of my RCA jack settings.


I think the answer to your problem is described on page 22 of the manual.

"This receiver is not loaded with a video converter. When you use component video cables or HDMI cables for connecting to the input device, the same cables should be used for connecting to the TV".

Therefore, if you are connecting to your TV via the component video outputs (red, blue, green), then you need to connect from the Blu-ray player with component video too (if possible).

Page 26 of the manual tells you more about connecting without using HDMI.

For the sound, you could connect using an optical cable. You just need to tell the receiver which input you are using for sound when the component video connection is being used. This is detailed on page 41 of the manual - 'Choosing the input signal'.

When using the HDMI connection, you must have had the audio setting to 'THRU', which means the audio gets passed to the TV and not processed by the receiver (page 40).

Everything gets a bit easier when you can use HDMI for all your connections, but in the meantime this should work just fine.

Hope that helps.

Paul (Site Editor)

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by: Mark (Minnesota)

Thanks for the input (no pun intended). I ended up using analog cables till I get my HDTV hence being able to use HDMI.

Love the receiver, btw.

Days away..
by: Mark

I'm days away from getting my HDTV to go with the new products I described in my post at the top.

That said, I'm assuming that all I will need is 3 HDMI cables to hook up the the receiver, BluRay and the HDTV.

For the record, the TV is an LG 47LK520.

HDMI Connections
by: Paul (Site Editor)


Actually, you need just two HDMI cables.

Sony BDP-S580 Blu-ray to Pioneer VSX-820 receiver (input) - and then Pioneer receiver (output) to LG 47LK520 TV.

You will then be able to send the picture and sound down the HDMI cables.

Something like this:

Diagram of AV receiver connections with 5.1 surround sound system

...except you have one Blu-ray player rather than a cable box and DVD player.

Have fun!


Re: Days away..
by: Mark

One more question for ya....

The TV I have my eye on is the LG 47LK520 47 inch. I have a center channel speaker that I have to place. I'm thinking of going with the cantilever stand to put the TV on and mount it to the mount on that. Doing it on the wall isn't an option.

Are most cantilever stands universal? Do you have a good recommendation on a stand?

Cantilever Stand
by: Paul (Site Editor)


You need to check if the stand supports the VESA standard for your TV.

The LG website says the 47LK520 model is 200mm x 200mm.

Many stands will support this - but just check before you buy.

No particular recommendation - most 'name-brand' good quality stands will do - just find one that will look good in your room and fits your budget.

One good option for placing a center speaker, is a cantilever stand with shelves. You can then place the center speaker on the top shelf, and still have room below for some other AV gear.

For example, this Omnimount TV stand has shelves and supports universal VESA fittings. The range of VESA options listed suggests the LG TV will fit fine.

Also check out our guide to cantilever TV stands for a little more information.

All the best.


Got it!
by: Mark (Minnesota)

Okay, I got my HDTV yesterday and have it all hooked up. Everything is running fine. Got the stand I wanted and it's perfect.

The ONLY problem I have is that (for the life of me) I can't get the HDTV sound to come through my receiver. I have tried all the connections (I think) on the TV and nothing. Bluray works fine through the receiver. But sometimes I like to have the sound coming from the TV go through the receiver.

HDTV: LG 47LK520
Receiver: Pioneer VSX-820

PS: you've been a great help to me on here as I'm sure with others also.

TV Sound
by: Paul (Site Editor)


If you want to send sound from the TV to your AV receiver, then you can use the 'Digital Audio Out (Optical)' on the rear of the LG.

Connect this to a spare optical input on your Pioneer receiver, and you should hear TV audio when you select this input on the receiver.

Hope that helps.


Re: TV Sound
by: Mark (Minnesota)

That did it. Thanks again!

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