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Transformers - The Best Blu-ray Movie

About two years ago I purchased a blu-ray player, as opposed to the hd dvd players that came on to the market.

Expecting the best, even I was surprised to find the quality of the Blu-ray movies phenomenal. The color and clarity of the movies is outstanding, as well as the hd audio on each disk.

My personal favorite movie to watch on my blu-ray player is Michael Bay's Transformers. The action scenes are crisp and clear as opposed to regular DVD where the size of the characters makes the action hard to distinguish.

The sound effects are fantastic as well, with every explosion making my windows rattle. The ridiculous clarity of blu-ray movies is what keeps me buying them.

As a movie fanatic, Transformers is not my only favorite Blu-ray movie. Die Hard 4 is another great example of the power of the blu-ray players. Bruce Willis' performance rocks the screen in every scene. When he shot down a helicopter using a police car, the ensuing explosion rocketed through my sound system and set off my car alarm from upstairs.

Blu-ray disks are the wave of the future, and it is my personal belief that everyone should experience a wicked action movie in blu-ray format.

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