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Home Cinema Guide began in 2009 as a small blog about home theater technology. It has slowly grown over the years into a popular resource that reaches thousands of people worldwide daily.

The primary aim of Home Cinema Guide hasn’t changed since day one – to help less experienced people get the most from their audio-visual products.

While there are plenty of places to find information online, many sites and forums about AV technology are for people who live and breathe this stuff.

But home theater hardware can be complicated, so where do you start if… you don’t know where to start?

So, if you don’t know how to choose your next TV or what all the connections do on your equipment, you should be able to find some simple, straightforward advice here.

Hopefully, the Home Cinema Guide will be helpful for people of all levels of experience, from beginners to more experienced users.

You won’t find many reviews of the latest products here – plenty of sites cover those – it’s more interesting to explain the technology and how to use it.

However, a few pages compare current products to help you decide what features you should look for.

The information presented here has been acquired from many years of professional and personal hands-on experience and research – which you will hopefully find written with clarity and humor.

Site Editor: Paul Brant

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Paul created the Home Cinema Guide and is the sole writer and site editor.

He has over 20 years of experience working professionally as a sound engineer and audio-visual technician.

It started with a passion for music, and Paul played guitar and bass in a few bands (you’ve never heard of).

From there, he spent several years as a sound engineer in a small recording studio in Greenwich, south London.

Later, Paul worked as a technical stage manager for touring theatre shows – traveling the length and breadth of the UK and installing and operating the sound and lighting for many shows.

This was followed by a few years of working as a sound engineer for two startup TV channels and an AV installation company.

At home, he has spent more time than is probably healthy installing, configuring, testing, de-rigging, fixing, tweaking, re-installing again (and sometimes using) various pieces of hi-fi and home cinema equipment.

If you want to get in touch, please use the contact page.

Readers Comments

Here are a few messages received over the years from readers who have found helpful information here – hopefully, you will too.

I just want to tell you that the way you explain things along with great visuals is beyond excellent. I read through your posts just one time on analog connections when transferring home movies to DVD and completely understood the process using the composite video to HDMI converter that I purchased. Thank you for the time and effort you put in helping those who are often in a fog working through this ever-changing technical world.
~ Sharon ~
Kudos for the best explanation I have read so far on this topic.
~ Wolfgang ~
What a great site, and I genuinely mean that. I love the use of clear simple explanations and with the help of images in each article.
~ Michael ~
The best and most thorough explanation and reviews of newer TV technology on the web. I’m moving and need to start from scratch, looking for a decent-sized TV. You clarified all of the different types, and I can’t thank you enough!
~ Judy ~
What a great site for A/V newcomers like me. Thank you!
~ Dave ~
I found this article VERY helpful! You are so detail-oriented and FUNNY! I found a great deal on the LG 55″ OLED TV based on your article. Thank you SO much for your insights! Invaluable!
~ Ana ~
Great guide for this old technophobe—my head is spinning!
~ Pete ~


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