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The Home Cinema Guide shop doesn’t stock and ship the products found here.

We outsource the tricky stuff to the experts – Amazon Merch on Demand and Redbubble.

These two companies provide high-quality print-on-demand services and will print and ship your order from their websites. They will also handle any problems with faulty products and returns, exchanges and refunds.

Here is the basic information for each company; please contact them in case of any problems with your order.

Any product linked from this site to Amazon is available at, and you can usually ship products from worldwide.

However, many products are also available via region-specific Amazon storefronts. So please check, Amazon.dr,, and if they are more convenient.

Amazon Merch on Demand products are available for free Amazon Prime delivery and returns within 30 days for the area covered by each Amazon storefront.

For foreign shipments, charges may apply.

Check out’s returns policy. offers print-on-demand services for most of the globe, with an exchange or money-back guarantee for all orders within 90 days.

You can buy all the designs found here in the Home Cinema Guide Redubble Store – and on a wide range of products.

Please check out the Redbubble Help Center for all the current orders, exchanges, returns and refund information.

Here are some of the most common help pages:

If you have an inquiry we can help with, please use the contact details below.

For general inquiries:

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