Which Speakers Are Perfect for My Yamaha RX-V667?

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By: Prasad (India)

I just want to know, which speakers are the most suitable for my Yamaha RX-V667? Presently it is connected with Dahlquist Orbit QX 1T.

As you know that the receiver’s output is 90 watts x7. Also, it is supported by a JBL Cine140 Active Subwoofer. But, I feel that overall my Dahlquist and JBL don’t give that much power as it was expected.

So kindly suggest me the ideal speakers that can deliver the right and rich performance to my RX-V667. Also, let me know if I go for 150 watt RMS speaker’s then will there be any problem, as my receiver delivers only 90 watts.

My AV room size is 11X20 feet.

Your suggestion and guidance are highly needed.

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There isn’t any single set of speakers which a ‘right’ for any amplifier. We first need to narrow down our choices by thinking about a few basic issues, and then from there it comes down to the sound of the speakers – and this will vary between people.

The main limiting factor is the price. Decide how much you have to spend, and that will rule out many options. Speakers are like most things in life, you get what you pay for.

Generally, the more you can afford to spend then the better the sound will be (there are some exceptions!).

Once you know your budget limit, then further narrow down the choice by thinking about the technical issues such as power and impedance. You need to make sure the speakers are compatible with your amplifier.

However, read my guide to matching amps and speakers (linked below) and you will find that you will be able to run a wide range of speakers from a reasonable receiver like the one you have.

You mention a lack of power in the room. Remember that the amplifier provides the power and not the speakers. If you can’t get enough volume in your room for your taste, then you may need a more powerful amplifier rather than new speakers.

One thing that might help is to look for speakers with a higher sensitivity. These will require less power to get higher volumes, and so it may be your current speakers have low sensitivity – which is why it seems quiet.

Once you have narrowed down your choices to a few options, you should then try to listen to them at a local shop. Different makes of speaker have different tones and sounds – and we all have different tastes as to what sounds good.

If you can’t try out some speakers, then you will have to go by any reviews you can find.

I list a range of good speaker manufacturers on the introduction to speakers page. You can use this as a list to start from if you want to know where to start.

Hope that helps.

Paul (Site Editor)

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Home Cinema Guide may get a commission if you buy from a link marked with * on this page: about ads