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TV, Samsung Home Cinema and Sky HD Box Wiring

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By: Lynne (Chesterfield, Derbyshire, UK)

I have a Samsung HT-C450N 5.1 ch 500W Home Theatre System, a Sky HD box, a Samsung 32-inch tv and a PS3.

How do I wire it all up so it’s all in surround sound, and still able to use HD for the Sky and PS3?

All help would be gratefully received as it’s driving me mad!!

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The problem you have is that your Samsung home cinema system isn’t really designed to accept multiple external devices. This is often a problem with all-in-one systems.

In my opinion, the best solution would be to buy an entry-level AV receiver and speakers. However, if that is not an option, then there is a way to achieve what you want.

You only have one optical audio input on the back of the Samsung (for surround sound audio). Therefore, you could buy an optical switch that would allow you to connect both your Sky box and PS3 into the single optical input on the Samsung for surround sound.

Something like this:

‚ÄčOptical Audio Switch

This is just for the sound.

For the pictures, you could then connect the PS3 and Sky box directly into the back of the TV.

If you don’t have enough HDMI inputs on the back of the TV, then you could buy an HDMI switch similar to the one suggested for optical audio (but for HDMI instead of optical audio).

Hope that helps.

Paul (Site Editor)

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Home Cinema Guide may get a commission if you buy from a link marked with * on this page: about ads