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By: Peter (Ireland)

I have just joined the forum and was hoping to get some info on SD Acoustics SD3R (circular ribbon tweeters).

1) Does anybody know where I can get spares if required?

2) One of the speakers has recently started to sound like a radio station off tune…… that is a hissy static noise at low volume and turning into a loud distortion at higher vol level. At the lower volume it seems to be the tweeter only at higher levels it comes into the woofer as well.

Hope somebody familiar with this model can give me a few pointers.

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I’m not sure if you’ll get too many answers here – although you never know!

I see this forum as a safe-haven for beginners to home cinema technology who are too intimidated to post their questions at the hard-core AV technology forums. Consequently, most people who pass through here don’t have that much experience.

I was looking into your speakers and it appears SD Acoustics don’t exist anymore (which is why you are asking I guess!). You may have more luck posting at the speaker section at AV forums – they will have more experienced members and many professionals in the industry.

I can only suggest you start calling a few speaker repair companies and see if any of them have spares for SD Acoustics. Alternatively, keep an eye on Ebay and you may see something pop up that you can use for spares.

The picture I saw of your speakers reminded me of the speakers I use at the moment – XTZ 99.25. These also use ribbon tweeters.

All the best.

Paul (Site Editor)

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by: peter

Hi Paul,
thanks for your comments.. the XTZ speakers I am familiar with.. they are quite good and very good value too. Considering what some brands are charging for mediocre quality.



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Home Cinema Guide may get a commission if you buy from a link marked with * on this page: about ads