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Can i attach woofer + speakers to my new Samsung 3D blu ray player

by Zameer

I just bought a Samsung LA46C750 3D LCD (bundle offer) - with a 3D Blu Ray Player and a pair of glasses. My question is, can i attach a 5.1 speaker system (as its not home theater) to this 3D Blu ray player? Does this player have ports for woofer + speakers.

In other words, if i can buy woofer + speakers from the market (or used ones), can i attach them to the 3D blu ray player.

Kindly Help/Explain



Yes, you certainly can connect a surround sound speaker system to your new 3D Blu-ray player - but not directly.

What you need to make this work is an AV receiver (and the speakers). You connect the speakers to the receiver (the receiver is the amplifier), and you also connect your Blu-ray player to the receiver (the best way is with an HDMI cable). You will then connect an output HDMI cable to your TV.

It will be connected something like this:

Diagram of AV receiver connections with 5.1 surround sound system

The thing to make sure if you are going to be watching 3D, is that the AV receiver should be a fairly new model that supports 3D signals. You need to make sure it is HDMI version 1.4. If it is, then you can connect your system as above.

If you do buy an older AV receiver that isn't HDMI 1.4, then can still make it work with 3D, but you will need to connect your system slightly differently.

Hope that helps.

Paul (Site Editor)

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