Connecting HDMI 1.3 to 1.4

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By: Gene (SUMTER, SC)

I am thinking of buying the LG BD 590 which has 1.3 HDMI and the Onkyo TX-SR 308 which has 1.4 HDMI.

Will the 1.3 cable from the Blu ray player connect to the 1.4 connection on the TX-SR 308?

I know it will not have 3D capability.

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Yes, Gene, you will be fine.

HDMI 1.3 and 1.4 are completely compatible with each other. As you say, you will only lack the extra features of 1.4 – such as 3D images and an audio return channel.

Just bear in mind an HDMI cable isn’t 1.3 or 1.4 (despite what it may say on the packaging). These version numbers for HDMI only refer to the electronics inside the TV and receiver.

There are only two types of HDMI cable – standard (category 1) and high-speed (category 2). A high-speed cable will support everything you will need – for HDMI 1.3 and 1.4.

All the best.

Paul (Site Editor)

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1.4 to 1.4 via a 1.3 connector
by: Dangerous_Brian


Just purchased a 15M ver 1.4 HDMI cable, very high quality. Works fantastic between Sky HD and TV when connected across the floor and through 3 rooms.

I have just put a 5M v1.4 HDMI cable in the wall and plastered over it. This cable goes into the loft. When I try to connect the two cables together with a female to female adaptor v1.3 I can’t get an HD picture (720 or 1080). But 576 works fine.

Can I connect these two cables together with a 1.3 adaptor? I thought they were backward compatible? Do you think I need a repeater? Strange how the 15M cable works fantastic in the house but connected in the loft it’s terrible.



HDMI cable length
by: Paul (Site Editor)


HDMI cables come in either ‘high speed’ or ‘standard’ – regardless of what it says on the packaging!

HDMI 1.4 refers to the capability of the hardware at either end of the cable. Therefore, the connector won’t make any difference in terms of 1.3 and 1.4.

I would guess that you were running at the limits of your cable length at 15m – and the extra 5m plus a connector (which will not help) will have taken you too far. My understanding is around 10m is about the longest distance for HDMI without signal boosting – so you were probably doing quite well!

In my opinion, you will probably need a repeater to get your system working.

Don’t know for sure, but that would be my guess.

All the best.


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Home Cinema Guide may get a commission if you buy from a link marked with * on this page: about ads