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How much are my Jamo Dynamic d5e speakers worth?

by mike
(peterborough, england)

I was wondering if anyone can help me. I own a pair of jamo dynamic d5e speakers. i've had them for 11 years. i was thinking about selling them but i'm not good with this sort of stuff.

I was wondering if someone could tell me how much they might be worth.

regards mike

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jamo d5e
by: Anonymous

I have two sets of d5e's, very old speakers.

The build date of these are 1988-1991.

So many versions wow
by: Anonymous

I've no idea how much they are worth but i've seen a pair that are arranged differently, they got squakers and in different positions and a bass cone like I have never seen before. I'm almost certain that a special studio version were made then they bodged jobed many versions on the market. I think with the right system they are absolutely amazing speakers.

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jamo's all the way
by: Anonymous

The dynamic d5e are worth approx £200/£300 to a private buyer but only £150'ish to a seller try putting them on Gumtree where I bought mine.

I paid £225 for mine in full working order as if the were new due to a fire. I have had to rebuild mine as they were badly damaged and are no longer Jamo's - lol. Take care of them and they will be worth their weight in gold in a few years time.

dynamic d3e
by: Reece

I have a pair of d3e speakers. I have no clue how old they are but sound amazing! Anyone have any ideas?

Jamo Dynamic d5e speakers
by: Paul Ford

Hi, you were asking what these are worth,

I have a pair of these which I have owned from new, don't use them, but never considered selling. They are on various auction sites, also Gumtree. The price varies dramatically depending on the condition. Anything from £50 in poor condition - chips in the cab, speaker centre dented etc, - to over £200 mint.

Whether people pay the asking price, is another matter, so I would suggest putting them to auction, with a reserve and see what people bid.

One thing I must add, I have bought 3 different sets of speakers since I got these. Now using Klipsch with 8 drivers. But for power and lots of bass, nothing could touch the Jamos. The only reason I don't use mine, is the size.

Spank yer Jam's
by: Mol

Try putting some 600-watt Sub drivers in them... AWESOME.

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