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Htib with wireless rear speakers

by Pete

Can anybody recommend a htib system that has wireless rear speakers? I don't want the headache of running cables all around the room, and I think a wireless system will be much easier for me.

Thanks for your help.


I'll jump in here.

I'll be honest, I don't have much hands-on experience of HTiB wireless systems.

However, after looking around some good options for you appear to be the Panasonic SC-PT770 Home Theater System and the Sony BDVE300 Home Theater System - which also comes with a Blu-ray player.

However, just be aware the Sony BDVE300 requires you to buy an extra add-on to make the rear speakers wireless. I think the Sony BDV-E500V model has everything included. So check this first if you're not sure.

Does anybody have anything to add to this?

All the best.

Paul (Site Editor)

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not really wireless
by: Anonymous

I just purchased the Sony BDV-E780W. It has wireless rear speakers. Just remember, the speakers are not really wireless. They need to be wired to a receiver, which is a wireless receiver. You still have wires, just not front to rear.

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