Problem with Samsung Blu-ray 3D TV and Onkyo TX-SR308

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By: Scott (Victoria, Australia)

I have set up a Samsung 3D Blu-ray player using a 1.4v HDMI connection to an ONKYO TX-SR308 receiver and used the HDMI output of the receiver to connect to a Samsung 46″ 3D LED LCD TV, again using a 1.4v HDMI cable.

When playing either an audio CD or a DVD there is an occasional split-second pause/hesitation/skip in the audio and picture – most annoying.

When using the audio channel return feature, the sound signal from the TV plays flawlessly through the ONKYO. Likewise, when I disconnect the ONKYO and use the same HDMI cable connected to the Blu-ray it plays the CDs and DVDs perfectly.

The problem is the hook-up of all 3 devices with the ONKYO in the middle.

Has anyone else had the same/similar experience?

I’m starting to suspect maybe the HDMI cable between the Blu-ray and ONKYO is the problem – even though it’s a 1.4v rated at 340MHz bandwidth @ 10.2GBps.

The ONKYO TX-SR308 is supposed to pass through signals flawlessly from the Blu-ray. It’s like there is a hesitation in the data transfer/computing?

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Audio problems
by: Paul – The Home Cinema Guide


In my opinion, the most likely cause would be a faulty HDMI cable.

I would get a new cable (or return the one that is causing problems) and try a new one.

Have you tried swapping the cable from the Blu-ray to the amp and the one from the amp to the TV? Might be worth a try.

Any good quality category 2 HDMI cable will be able to handle the signals ok.

Another thing to consider is to make sure the Blu-ray player and the AV receiver have the latest firmware. Consult your manuals to find how/if you can update the firmware.

If the firmware of either of these devices is out of date, then this may be causing a problem.

All the best.


Update on the situation
by: Scott

Hi Paul,

Thanks for the suggestions. I did do a firmware update on the Blu-ray and it didn’t make any difference.

I changed the HDMI cable for a new cable (different brand) and it worked perfectly. The new cable has a speed of 15GBps versus the other one at 10GBps. Both cables say they are CAT 2 and HDMI 1.4v compliant. I guess the speed rating of the cable is a factor that must be considered.

HDMI problem
by: Paul – The Home Cinema Guide


There are only two HDMI cable specifications – category 1 (standard) tested up to 2.25 Gb per second and category 2 (high-speed) tested up to 10.2 Gb per second.

Anything else you find is just marketing from the cable manufacturer.

A good quality (that doesn’t mean really expensive) category 2 cable will pass 3D video and HD audio with no problems.

You must have had a faulty cable originally.

Anyway, who cares about the numbers, the main thing is you got it working!



re Onkyo same for me
by: Michel

I have the same problem with the tx508.

Doesn’t work with DTS-HD, and only PCM output works.

Is not the fault of HDMI cables or anything, it’s just not compatible.

Only if you connect with the analog bus with 7.1 connection only. Nothing wrong with your receiver or Blu-ray.

Together it just doesn’t match if you make true HDMI connection.

kind regards

Problems again
by: Scott

Hi Paul,

It’s Scott back again. Guess what, the original problem of skipping picture/missing audio has returned.

I have updated the Blueray firmware without success. What I have found is that Blu-ray disks play without any problem. The issue seems to be when playing standard DVD’s. I was wondering if there was a fault with the software that upscales the DVD to a high definition picture.

The other thing I have found is the sequence in which I turn the equipment on seems to influence the result. If I’m watching TV with the Onkyo on for the sound and then turn on the Blueray and try to play a DVD the problem is terrible – it’s like the three pieces aren’t synchronizing.

If I turn everything off, then turn the Onkyo on and then the Blueray player (which automatically turns the TV on) the problem is very minimal or nonexistent.

Have you or any of your readers got any thoughts? I’ve sent Samsung the same question and I’m waiting for their technicians to get back to me.

Audio and video problem
by: Paul (Site Editor)

Hi Scott

Sorry to hear you are having problems again. I’m not sure what could be causing the issue you are having.

If it was a fault with the Samsung not upscaling properly, then surely you would have the same issue when connected directly to the TV – and you said it works fine.

My guess is there is a problem with the HDMI handshake between the Samsung and the Onkyo receiver. The problem is both companies will probably say it the others fault! Also, it still makes no sense that Blu-rays are ok and there is only an issue with DVD.

Does it happen with all DVDs – or only certain ones?

I noticed there was a firmware update for your Onkyo receiver last year. So maybe check if you have the latest version from the Onkyo website. Having said that, the stated fix doesn’t seem relevant to your problem. However, it might be worth updating just to rule this out if you have the older firmware on the Onkyo.

Do you have a friend with a different AV receiver? Try connecting your Samsung Blu-ray to this system and see if you get the same issues. Or take it to a local AV shop and see if they will let you test your player there.

Probably not much help. Let us know if you get to the bottom of it.

All the best.


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