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The Infamous Hum and a DiVinci Surround Sound System

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By: Ashton

Hey, so I have the DiVinci white van scam surround sound system and it worked fine all up until one day I turn the amp on and there was this loud hum.

It only stops if I turn it off, and changing the volume does not affect the loudness of the hum.

I got a new fuse for it and tried to use electrical tape to separate the two cords in the receiver (power cord). Unfortunately, I failed and maybe I did it wrong but any assistance would be great.

I know nothing about audio technology, but I’m willing to learn in order to fix this so definitions and detail would be great.


  • DiVinci innovative theatre sound
  • Model – DV-7010
  • 5.1CH Channel digital amplifier

Comments for The Infamous Hum and a DiVinci Surround Sound System:


Have you seen the thread we have on the Brendel AV system?

Connecting Brendel power amplifier to a surround sound system

Brendel is another make which is linked with a white van scam – like the DiVinci system you are asking about.

If you read other peoples experience with these systems, you shouldn’t be surprised if you are having problems with the electronics in your device.

I’m not going to tell you what system you should use in your home. But given the information on the other thread, I would be very careful if you want to continue using the DiVinci system… and I would be even more careful about trying to mess with the electronics inside.

All the best.

Paul (Site Editor)

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