ARC Problem: Samsung 64D8000 and Harman Kardon 3650

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By: Aric (Denver, CO)

Wondering if anyone has come across a similar issue, I have a new Samsung 64D8000 (with ARC function on the HDMI 2 port) hooked directly via high-speed Mediabridge ultra series 2 HDMI cable (supports 3D and ARC) to a new Harman Kardon 3650 (thru the monitor out ARC HDMI port).

My understanding is you can get the sound from TV (which is on my network with music, vids, etc) to push the sound through the receiver and home theatre speakers. I have tried everything I can find in the manuals to no avail. Only TV speakers.

One note, the TV reads the menus from the AVR onscreen, so it’s sorta working, just not backwards. I even have tried a 2nd HDMI cable, no luck.

Am I missing something here? I don’t see why it would have anything to do with the content from my CPU. I cannot even get 2 channel sound.

Anyone familiar with the HK or Samsung?

Thanks in advance,

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ARC problem
by: Peter

Don’t know if the issue could be cable related? As 3d and some of the new sound formats, inc ethernet connection, requires HDMI VERSION 1.4 – and these cables are not cheap, in fact, they are quite expensive.

by: Anonymous

Have you turned “Anynet+” on? I have 64D8000 & Onkyo 608.

ARC problem – Samsung 64D8000 and Harman Kardon 3650
by: Frans

I had the same problem. It’s now working. First Anynet+ must active on the TV, and on the home system you have to select under the “AUX” button the option ARC.

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