Connecting 2 AV receivers to power speakers in separate room

by Dennis Weber
(Savannah, GA)

How do I connect two AV units so I can use one to play the same source material through two speakers in another room? I'd love to find an answer and thanks in advance for your help.


Many modern AV receivers have the ability to power speakers in a different room. This is often called Zone 2 (some have zone 3, 4 etc.).

The way this works can vary between receivers, and so you need to be clear as to what you want to do.

Some receivers have 'pre-out' outputs, which allow you to send a pre-amplified signal to another amplifier and speaker setup in the other room (often just a stereo amp and speakers - or sometimes multichannel).

Some amps allow you to use unused outputs (like the back left and right outputs for a 7.1 system), to power a separate stereo speaker system - and in this case you wouldn't even need an amplifier in the other room.

However, there may be limitations with some receivers. For example, some won't send digital audio inputs to zone 2, just analog - or you may only be able to send a different source to zone 2 i.e. not the source that is on your main speakers.

As long as you check the capabilities of the model you are going to buy, then sending audio to a different zone can often be easily achieved using just one AV receiver.

All the best.

Paul (Site Editor)

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