Direct tv digital service - hooking up my stereo with speakers

by Victor
(hilton hrad sc usa)

I have direct tv digital service. I would like to hook up my stereo with speakers and sub woofer along with my dvd player and vcr player to play through my speaker system. Now I have tv leaking sound when I use my dvd player for music or movies.


I'm not sure if you are planning to use 5.1 surround sound, or just a stereo setup with a subwoofer. Either way, you would hook up your system something like this for surround sound:

Connecting AV receiver and HDTV

Or like this for stereo sound:

Stereo amplifier connections for a home theater system

The exact connections you have will depend on the source of your sound/picture. Every TV source will need a way of sending the audio to the amplifier. If there is also audio over the TV speakers, then turn the TV speaker volume off. The external amplifier will be controlling all the sound.

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Paul (Site Editor)

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BPL TV Connection to external speaker system
by: Anonymous

My BPL TV is very old and it has only one audio input jack on it. If I want to connect my external speaker system, how do i connect to it??

Connecting TV to speaker system
by: Paul (Site Editor)


Unless your TV has an audio 'output' (not input), then you can't send the audio to an external speaker system direct from the TV.

However, the usual way to do this is to send the audio from an external TV source - like a cable TV box for example. These boxes have audio outputs, and you send this to the speaker system.

See the example pictures above, or follow the links given above for more detail.

All the best.


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