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How to bitstream Sony BDP s370 Blu-ray player?


Bit confused here, I'm not sure of what the setting on the Sony blueray player should be if I want to set the player to bitstream so that the A/V receiver should do the decoding and not the blueray player. Can you advise please?


Had a quick look at the manual. Page 20 of the manual has the audio menu settings.

It looks like you just leave the Audio (HDMI) setting on Auto. The PCM setting will have the player decode and send it as PCM audio - so the other Auto setting must bitstream (as long as the receiver supports this).

Is this what you have set? Is it working?

Also, make sure the BD Audio MIX Setting is set to Off.

Most people with AV receivers that decode HD audio prefer to send the bitstream data for the receiver to decode. However, this is mainly because it looks nice when the receiver shows the name of the codec on the screen!

If you send PCM audio to the receiver, then it usually just says 'multichannel' (or words to that effect), which isn't so exciting!

They should sound the same.

Paul (Site Editor)

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