Soniq 47″ 200Hz L47S10A-AU Problem with Refresh Rate

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By: Sam

Just bought this TV and there seems to be a problem with the refresh rate.

When it is playing any tv or sports it is only running at 50hz not the 200hz motion plus it says it should be.

Is there any way to fix this problem or should I just return it as it does not fulfill what it says it should?

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Increased refresh rates are usually available as an option in the picture setup menu. Have you checked in there to see if it is enabled?

Can’t find a manual for your TV at the moment, so can’t check for sure.

These refresh rates sometimes make the picture look worse, so enable it and see if you think the picture is better. It may be ok on fast-moving images like sports, but not great on other things, so you may just enable it for certain things.

Hope that helps.

Paul (Site Editor)

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re above
by: Sam

Cheers for the input!!

I have the manual out of the box and am looking at it however in the picture menu there is only picture mode, contrast, brightness, color, sharpness, tint, aspect ratio.

Picture mode only changes between standard, mild, user and dynamic. I cant find anywhere to enable the 200hz MotionPlus!!

Ohh I didn’t specify what happened because of the low Hz. When watching tv especial sports there is a lot of mini pauses and a jittering picture.

Motion Plus
by: Paul (Site Editor)

It may be that one of the picture presets enables the motion plus feature – and others don’t use it. Or maybe it is on permanently. I’m guessing though!

Pauses in the picture may suggest an issue with your TV signal rather than frame rate issues. MotionPlus should just reduce the blurring of fast-moving images – or reduce ‘juddering’ when the camera pans slowly left or right.

Can you test your TV source on another TV and compare the two?

Maybe get in touch with Soniq’s technical support?



Could you kindly explain the 200hz rating on this model? “I am thoroughly confused” – the box my panel came in “clearly” advertised it as being a 240hz model, the instruction manual also states it is a 240hz unit – “but” on the rear of my panel, as a friend recently pointed out, is a stated rating of 240v. 50/60hz. ! – please explain.

50/60 Hz
by: Paul (Site Editor)


The rating on the back of your TV refers to the electrical power supply specification that the TV requires.

The ‘Hz’ we are discussing here is the refresh rate of the TV picture – or how often the picture is ‘redrawn’ every second.

Most TVs still have a native picture refresh rate of 50/60 Hz (which is directly related to the power specification which is also 50/60 Hz).

The increased ‘picture’ rates of 100/200 or 120/240 Hz are achieved by various processing methods that the TV performs – which create extra frames from the ‘actual’ frame rate of 50/60 Hz.

These ‘improved’ frame rates can usually be switched on and off as they can sometimes make the picture look worse rather than better.

This is what we were discussing in the original question.

Hope that helps.


soniq l47s10a-au

That explains it all to me, thank you so much.

Now I too raise the original question about the switching process or is this, as I am beginning to think an Automatic process performed by this Set.

I raise this because tonight my Son & I played segments of DVDs (Including Steve McQueen’s BULLIT) & then segments of the B-rays SPARTACUS, Blood & Sand & AVATAR (I have recently acquired a higher-end player) & the visual appearance was excellent.

Would you please comment on the Hz Switching situation when you get the time.

I was so pleased with your previous explanation, thanks once again.

Soniq Issue
by: Paul (Site Editor)

You are welcome.

I’ve nothing to add to what I said before. If there is no option in the menu to switch it on and off – then maybe it is enabled permanently.

If it looked good, then there’s not much need to worry about it.

Try Soniq support for a definitive answer.

All the best.


Check the JB website
by: Anonymous

One of the comments on the JB site said they got a firmware update from Soniq support, and this fixed the problem for them.

by: Kyle

I own a 42″ Soniq LCD LED TV.

To turn the 200Hz feature on or off, (on my TV anyway) go to Menu > Option then it’s there under 100Hz motion plus for me.

For you, it’d obviously be 200Hz.

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