Sony Bravia or LG LCD TV? Which is Better?

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By: Anonymous

I’m trying to decide which LCD TV to get. I’m looking at the Sony Bravia 40in but I’m kinda stuck on the LG 42in.

The picture seems better with the LG, but Sony is a more popular brand.

Any opinions?

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Although Sony has been highly regarded for making high-quality LCD TVs for some time, that doesn’t mean another manufacturer can’t come along and make a good quality television too.

LG has been making good progress with their LCD and plasma TVs recently, and have been getting some good reviews.

Therefore, I wouldn’t choose a TV just based on the popularity of a brand. Some people just like to stick with what they know.

I would be more inclined to go with your instinct. If you prefer the picture of the LG, then that is the most important thing. Also, the reviews of the LG LCDs seem ok.

Is there anybody else out there with an LG LCD TV who wants to tell us what they think of it?

All the best.

Paul (Site Editor)

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LG 42LD650
by: Anonymous

I was watching both Sony and LG side by side in a showroom and I felt that frame rate and picture quality both were much better on this LG TV.

Sony or LG
by: Anonymous

I was watching the same in a showroom and I felt Sony had a better picture quality..but I am not much aware of the technical details and would like to know better.

I agree with the earlier comment that says we would like to go with something we know… but at the same time I would like to get something that lasts long since I am spending a good amount of money on this

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Sony or LG
by: Anonymous

I’m running a plasma LG 42″, and my bro is running sony and to be honest using it on ps3 online they both have great pics – hard to tell difference with em.

One main point for when ur in a showroom/store, when they get put out in the store its as it was when it came from the manufacturer, so the brightness, contrast ratio etc is not touched. u can play with them later n make a 720p screen look as good as a 1080p screen.

In all the TVs I sell at work I prob would go with the LG to be fair.

Be smart, tell the assistant u want to see it playing a Blu-ray player. That way direct feed gives u best optimal picture quality.

Last point, u cant put a lifespan on a tv u could watch it 10 hours a day n have it 5 yrs or watch it 5 hours n have it ten years.

If in doubt, take the warranty out.

by: Oliver

LCD panels are all made by one company. Each brand orders from the same company, and tell it what kind of resolution they want, or other specifications.

But the main stuff are all the same.

So go for the one you fancy without worrying about the brand.

Who makes the LCD panels?
by: Paul (Site Editor)

It’s a good point you make about how the TVs are actually made.

In my opinion, it’s a little oversimplified, as there is more than one company that actually manufactures the LCD panels. But you are right in pointing out that TVs from different brands may have some of the same technology inside.

All the best.


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