What is an HDMI Switch Used For?

Hdmi Switch Explained: Man Holding An Hdmi Switcher

An HDMI switch is one of the most basic and yet essential devices for a new or experienced home theater enthusiast. Have you ever run out of HDMI ports on your TV? Or does your soundbar only have one input for connecting everything? If so, then you need to read this guide to find a

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Coaxial Digital Audio – Cable and Connection Explained

Coaxial Digital Audio - Cable And Connection Explained

The coaxial digital audio cable is one of the most common methods used to transfer digital audio between devices. However, it’s not your only choice. Here I take an in-depth look at coaxial audio and look at when you might want to use it. In some cases, it might well be the best solution for

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Yamaha AVENTAGE AV Receiver Models Compared

Yamaha Aventage Av Receiver Models Compared - Front Panel Display Of An Av Receiver

If you are looking for the best Yamaha AV receiver, then you need to be checking out their AVENTAGE range. This series of receivers, preamplifiers and power amplifiers are designed to sound great. Engineered with top-quality components and designed with performance in mind. They feature all the latest audio and video technologies that you would

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TV Aspect Ratio – Understanding Widescreen and 4:3

Tv Aspect Ratio - Understanding Widescreen And 4:3: Old Style 4:3 Tv In An Empty Room

The TV aspect ratio is a term we often hear in relation to our televisions. People talk about “widescreen TV” and “4 by 3” TV, but what does it all mean exactly? Well, it’s one of the problems we have when we are looking to buy a new television – the seemingly endless stream of

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